I had wanted to write a more up-beat article, but last week I seemed to just be dragged from one thing to another. I will give more information about that in the future, we’re doing some great things with Azure and Power BI. Really great work!

So while we’re setting up a future where Analytics is at the core of what we do and we can use Analytics and Machine Learning to really grow what we can do I seem to be getting bogged down with the old “Can you put a RAID log in a spreadsheet and then update a management spreadsheet.” I am reminded on just how far we have yet to come.

In April 2019, it became clear that the modern workspaces had a feature that was missing in the preview… The ability to connect SharePoint online directly to the workspace. On the surface that seems trivial, but it actually means you can start to erode the reliance on legacy. SharePoint has always been an uneasy platform of use in my mind, but finally with PowerApps it seems there may be a way to move forward.

NOTE: I’m not happy with this article, however, I am unable to see a direction change that will switch it properly and make it all good so I’m opting to release rather than suppress, I hope you all agree that is the correct decision.